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Fanfiction round up 2006-2009
All My Children 
A place where all your dreams come true (Bianca/Maggie, Love) 

Angel the Series 
Heaven (Cordelia/Doyle, afterlife) 

Shoe Shopping (Cordelia, pink shoelaces, G) 

Angel The Series/Dead Like Me
I want to Act (Cordelia/Daisy, act) 

Arrested Development
How can we ask for more (George Michael/Maeby, Divorce)

One night in Cabo (George Michael/Maeby) 

Some more than Others (George Michael/Maeby) 

Battlestar Galactica
Betrayed (Laura/Tory) 

Made to be Broken (Kara) 

Marry Me (Kara/Zak) 

One day even make a wife (Kara/Lee, secretly married) 

Sacred Scrolls (Kara, Socrata) 

stranger (Kara/Lee) 

Stranger in a Strange Land (Billy/Sam) 

that's all we'll ever be (Kara/Lee ficmix) 

Things are gonna get easier (Kara, Kacey) 

Under the New Caprican Sky (Sam/Lee) 

bsg_pornbattle  fics
Frakkin' People (Lance)

Interupting Children (Baltar/Caprica)

Not your star (Kara/Lee, star, last chance, outside)

Angel on the Outside demon on the inside  (Battlestar Galactica/Supernatural, Kara/Castiel)

Forget (Battlestar Galactica/The Black Donnely'sKara/Tommy, art)

On Tonights show (Battlestar Galactica/The Colbert Report.Laura Roslin/Stephen Colbert)

Big Love
Lets Play Pretend , for just a little while longer (Sarah/Heather)

Our Sacred Place (Sarah/Heather, roommates, NC-17)

Bones/National Treasure 
the pig in the woodchipper at lunch (Zak, Hodgins, Riley) 

Dawson’s Creek 
I Grieve 

Doctor Who/Heroes 
The Story of Us (Rose/Claude) 
part 1 and part 2 

Doctor Who/Lost 
See you again (Rose, Penny)

Constant (Donna, Ten, Penny 

General Hospital: Night Shift 
Jason was created by Man (Jason, Spinelli) 

Just Yesterday... (Claire, Kyle)

We're a Grey's Anatomy Episode waiting to happen (Claire, Kyle)

Gossip Girl 
Better off as lovers (Chuck/Blair)

Do you really feel alive without me? (Georgina/Serena)

First Kiss (Blair/Serena, Breakfast at Tiffany's) 

I don't like your Girlfriend (Serena/Georgina, (Blair/Serena) NC-17) 

Lie With My Mistakes (Van Der Woodsen/Lily, drunk, R)

Monkey Madness (Chuck/Blair)

Gossip Girl/Heroes
Runs in the Family (Blair, Eleanor, Angela Petrelli)

Grey’s Anatomy/Twilight 
Special Hell (Random Grey's Anatomy characters, Edward Cullen) 

Birthday surprise (Molly, Mohinder) 

Conversations (Matt, Mohinder, Molly) 

Daddy's Girl (Peter/Niki, OFC)(Sequel to Welcome to the World) 

Father and Son (Mohinder, Chandra Suresh) 

Hurts to much to cry (Molly, Mohinder) 

Late night phone call (Nathan, Claire, OC) 

Molly Walker and her three daddies (Matt, Mohinder, Molly, James Walker) 

A place to call home (Niki/Peter) 

She loved it (Molly) 

Stakeout (Claire/Elle) 

Streetlight People (Niki/Peter) 

Tell the Truth (West, Claire) 

The Past does not exist (We are we we are now) (Peter/Claire)

Welcome to the World (Peter/Niki) 

you better leave (it's not safe in here) (Claire, Peter) 

On The Run Trilogy (Molly, Mohinder)
Within the Sounds of silence 

Camp out

Take a sad song and make it better

Heroes/Battlestar Galactica 
Do What I say (Head Six/Nathan Petrelli) 

New York, New Friends (Baltar/Nathan Petrelli/Caprica, New York) 

Quiet time together (Caprica Six/Nathan Petrelli) 

This has all happened before (Caprica Six/Nathan Petrelli) 

We have all the time in the world here (That's a lie) (Caprica Six/Nathan Petrelli)

lady in red series
Beautiful Dreamer (Head Six/Nathan Petrelli) 

Part of us  (Head Six/Nathan Petrelli
My head is unraveling (Head Six/Nathan Petrelli)

End of the line (Head Six/Nathan Petrelli) 

How I Met Your Mother 
All I can say, I love you till the end (Robin/Barney) 

It's the End of the World (Gen w/ some Barney/Robin)

Little White Pee Stick (Robin/Barney, Consequences, PG) 

Secrets are best kept hidden (Robin/Barney) 

Shower (Barney/Robin, shower, NC-17)

Pause (Lily/Marshall, The first time they paused a fight, G) 

The Night you can't remember, the morning you can't forget (Robin/Lily, “Wha, wha, WHAT?!”, Slash, PG-13) 

How I met your mother/Dr. Horrible 
Audition (Bad Horse, Fake Thomas Jefferson, Marshall, Ted)

How I Met Your Mother/National Treasure
Legendary Adventure (Barney, Ben, Riley)

In Plain Sight

Drank all night (Mary, Marshall) 

You die on me I'll kick your ass (Mary/Marshall, Partners)

Indiana Jones/Mad Men/Middleman/Doctor Who
Untitled (Mutt/Joan, Mutt/Wendy, Mutt/Martha)

Accidental Baby (Sawyer/Juliet, daughter, PG)

Be Loved (Sawyer/Juliet)

Denial (Boone/Shannon, swollen ankles)

He'll know (Sawyer/Juliet)

I want to share my life with you (Desmond/Penny)

Like Ships passing in the night (Shannon/Christian, PG)

Made to be Broken (Desmond/Penny)

My life is a book (Desmond/Penny, The Time Traveler's wife, G)

Oh my Darling Clementine (Sawyer/Juliet, daughter, G)

The future is just a moment away (Sawyer & Clementine, G)

Untitled (Sawyer/Juliet) 

Untitled (Sawyer, Rachel)

Welcome to the Club (Scott/Shannon, Ghosts, G)

What are we? (Sawyer/Juliet)

You're Leaving this place (Aaron/Clementine, 'You're to young for this', PG)
Lost/Battlestat Galactica
Fight (Juliet/Caprica, fight)

In the Battlezone (Juliet,Anders)

Is this more than you bargained for yet? (Sawyer/Juliet/Kara, Dharma Rum & Bored)



Untitled Lost/Supernatural crossover snippet (Penny, Bella)

Prison Break

Forever Love (Michael/Sara, wait for me, G)


Channeling your inner twelve year old Girl (Shawn, Gus).

Childhood dreams

This must be what smack high feels like (Shawn, Gus)

Pushing Daisies
A Day in the Life

Pushing Daisies/Dead Like Me
Together (Mason, George, Ned/Chuck)

I think I'm moving (but I go nowhere) (Katie Couric/Matt Lauer)

As far as what happened in the street, that was a turn of events (Fake News, Stephen Colbert, Bill O'Reilly, Chuck Norris)

Our Love is like an Emo song with no name (Real News/The Daily show, David Catanese/John Oliver)

Sports Night/Gossip Girl/How I Met Your Mother/Studio 60/Battlestar Galactica
My New Tork Renaissance 

Studio 60
2 AM (Matt & Suzanne)

Best Mistake (Danny/Jordan)

Speeding Cars (Tom)

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
if I had my way (I'd tear this old building down) (Cameron/John)

The OC
Townsend, Taylor Townsend (Taylor, OMC)

The Office

Living in Twilight (Angela, Pam)


Made this three come out of two (Pam/Jim)

The West Wing

Breakfast with the Lymans (Josh/Donna) 

The Begining of the end (And the start of everything else) (Donna/Freeride, slight Josh/Donna)

Veronica Mars


 It must be killing me

LBD (Veronica/Lilly, Little Black Dress, PG-13)

Party for two

So we meet again (Logan/Veronica)

Veronica Mars/Arrested Development/Battlestar Galactica/ The Office

Drinking in the shadows (Lamb, GOB Bluth, Kara Thrace, Andy Bernard).


Veronica Mars/Dead Like Me crossover

I will Follow you into the dark (George, Lamb)

Angel the series
Heaven( Cordelia/Doyle, afterlife)

Shoe Shopping(Cordelia, pink shoelaces, G)

Arrested Development
Some more than Others(George Michael/Maeby)

Battlestar Galactica

I hope your love can Blind me (Kara/Sam, Kara/Lee)

Every good thing I had abandoned me (Baltar, Baltar/Caprica, Tigh/Caprica) 

Pray (Natalie, Faith, G) 

Running away from your fears (Kara/Lee) 

This is the first day of the rest of our lives (Athena, Happiness, G) 

To Earth (Kara/Lee, toast) 

Untitled (Kacey/Kara) (drabble)

Untitled (Roslin/Adama)

What if? (Kara/Lee, What if she stayed) 

Why do you love me? (Kara/Leoben) 

You're a political scandal in the making (Kara/Lee, Mister President) 

[info]bsg_pornbattle  drabbles
Alone (Baltar/Caprica, family)

Feel better (Caprica/Natalie, sisters)

Start having babies (Caveman/Adult Hera, the future of mankind)

It's not rocket science (Baltar/Carica) 

Interupting Children (Baltar/Caprica)

Battlestar Galactica/Heroes
Woke to a Blood Red Sky (Giaus/Nathan, red, ADULT)

Battlestar Galactica/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Blood (Sam/Derek, blood)

This has Happened before (Kara/Derek, Light-R)

Battlestar Galactica/Torchwood
we'll make time stand still (Lee/Jack, time)

Big Love
Wrong (Heather/Sarah, wrong)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Coffee after midnight tastes the worst (Joyce)

Your blue eyes (Temperance Brennan/Seely Booth, Baby girl, G)

Dirty Sexy Money
Tomorrow is Ours (Patrick/Carmelita

Doctor Who

Family (Jackie (Doctor/Rose), Family, G)

Happiness (Martha/Rose)

I can't shake the thought of you (Nine/Rose, "I love you, goodbye", G)

Caroline (Echo, Caroline)

Keep You safe (Sierra/Victor, "gentle", PG)

Untitled (Mag/Zone, loosing Caroline)

The Other Woman 

Gilmore Girls
I always thought of you as my wife (Jess/Rory, a weddding)

Close your eyes and make a wish (Brittany/Santana, first snow fall)

Our own Disney Fairytale (Quinn/Rachel, baby fic)

Promise (Brittany/Santana, Santana breaks her leg)

Gossip Girl
In the backseat (Chuck/Blair)

Let me blow out your candles (Chuck/Blair, gift, light R)

My Biggest Fear (Serena, Fear, G) 

Gossip Girl/Friday Night Lights
Everything Stays here (Blair/Tim)

Gossip Girl/The OC 
A new Era (Serena, Summer)

Gossip Girl/Twilight 
Untitled (Chuck/Edward) 

Grey's Anatomy 
I'm your person and you are mine (Christina/Meredith, being her 'person') 

Grey’s Anatomy/Supernatural 
Boys never grow up (Meredith Grey, Dean Winchester)(Drabble for rose_sparrow) 

A different life (Molly) 

All the ice cream you can eat (Molly, Mohinder)(Dialogue only fic) 

All the ice cream you can eat -- 1 hour later (Matt, Mohinder)(Drabble) 

All an Act (Heroes, Claire, Actress, G) 

Complete Stranger (Nathan, Angela)

Date #3 (Niki/Peter) 

Game On (Niki/Peter) 

Girlfriend (Mohinder, Molly, Molly/Micah) 

It felt like death (Niki/Peter)(Continuation of What should be) 

New Information (Claire/West) 

Normal (Claire) 

What Should be(Niki/Peter) 

Heroes/Battlestar Galactica
Good idea (Six/Nathan Petrelli) 

Woke to a Blood Red Sky (Baltar/Nathan Petrelli,red, Adult) 

Speechless (House/Cuddy, She never thought she'd see him speechless,G) 

How I Met Your Mother
Alcohol (Barney/Robin, alcohol)

Let's go Back to the Mall (Robin, Robin Sparkles: The Comeback Tour, PG) 

Three Things Ted Mosby did after the world ended by the Cloverfield Monster 

The origins of the hamburger phones (Beeker/Juno)

My Previous Life (Charlie/Jen)


And baby makes three (Desmond/Penny, Family, G)

Apology (Jack/Juliet, "I'm Sorry, G)

Back to who I was before I met you (Jack/Juliet, only one of us is in love, G)

Big Damn Heroes (Sawyer/Juliet, Fight 'em till we can't, PG)
Cleaning House (Sawyer/Juliet, books, G)

Change things again (Juliet/Richard, time)

Domestic (Sawyer/Juliet)

Domestic Duties (Sawyer/Juliet, Domestic, light R)

Home again, (Desmond/Penny, London)

I want to know you (Sawyer/Juliet, Guns)

if you call I will answer (Penny/Desmond)

If you call I will answer-Three Years Later (Penny/Desmond)

Leaving (Clementine, on the run)

Left and Leaving (Jack/Juliet, Last night on the Beach AU, PG-13)

Photograph (Desmond/Penny, Picture, G) 

Picture (Ethan, Juliet, he recognizes her from the photographs)

Stuck here (Sawyer/Juliet, Left Behind, G)

What is it you want? (Jack/Juliet, light R)

Where has the rum gone? (Sawyer/Juliet, But why is all the rum gone?, PG)

Where have you gone? (Desmond/Penny, Time Travel, G)

Lost/The Prisoner
Remember the words (Juliet/Six, song)

Mad Men
Have a drink on me (Peggy/Don) 

Pop Quiz feeling (Shawn)

Here's to the Night (Eric, BB8)

Sports Night
Change it (Dan)

Studio 60

Untitled (Tom/Suzanne)

A Twitter (Matt & Suzanne)

Nesting (Mary Winchester, Preparation, G)

The Office
It's Britney, Bitch (Kelly/Andy)

Musings from a Jail cell (Ryan, OMC)

Never felt like this (Kevin)

The West Wing
Donna Moss in the Whitehouse with a Screwdriver (slight Josh/Donna)

John Cusack was never this cool (Charlie/Zoey)

Promotion Day (Sam/Ainsley)

Torchwood drabble


 List of the Dead

True Calling
Mommy and Me

Veronica Mars
Girls love unicorns (Veronica, Mac)

I wish you were born a girl (Dick)

memories (Lilly/Veronica)

Something Else (Mac, Veronica)

Book Drabble Meme (BSG, Smallville, Dirty Sexy Money, Bones, Gossip Girl, Lost)



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