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Fanfic Round up 2010 onward
Dollhouse, inapropriate starches

All those lives left behind (Sawyer & Brennan and others)

Castle/Warehouse 13
Trouble (Castle/H.G. Wells)

Waking up in Vegas (Jeff/Annie)

untitled (Annie, miss Parker)

Community/Dead like Me
Road to nowhere (Abed, Annie, Troy; Daisy, Kiffany, Mason, Rube)

Community/Doctor Who
Take Me Away (Doctor!Jeff, Annie)

How I Met Your Mother/Once Upon A Time
Two Strangers in a Bar Ted/Ruby) 

Friday Night Lights
Remember when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt? Julie, Tim & Landry)

Honest words she can't afford to say (Brittany/Santana)

Never gonna leave your side (Brittany/Santana)

One Year Passed (Rachel/Quinn, Puck)

What we've grown to be (Puck/Quinn)

Gossip Girl
Close your Eyes and wish it gone (Georgina/Serena) Written for apocabigbang

Joan of Arcadia/Dead Like Me
I'm never going bac (Joan, Daisy, George, Roxy, Mason)

Change things again (Richard/Juliet, time)

Everything's been returned which was owed (Sawyer/Juliet) written for the Lost remix over at lostsquee

Father and Daughter (Sawyer, Cassidy & Clementine)

It's always you (Sawyer/Juliet)

Over (Sideways!Jack/Sideways!Juliet)
The O
the world spins madly on (Ryan/Kaitlyn)

Just Between Us (John/Mary)

Veronica Mars
Conversations with Dead People (Veronica, Lilly)

Battlestar Galactica
Shouldn't be in a place like this with a girl like me (Sam/Kara)

Too Tired not to be with you (Kara/Lee)

Battlestar Galactica/Community
Forgotten all about him (Sam/Britta)

Untitled (Jeff/Annie, Kara/Lee)

Better Off Ted
I won't I won't hide it if it's wrong (But this is very wrong) Ted/Veronica)

Community/Dr. Who
Untitled (Jeff (12th Doctor)/Annie)

Doctor Who
Cheating Destiny (Eleven/Donna, Cheating)

Picture Prompt 1 (Topher/Bennet)

Easy A
Untitled (Olive & Mr. Griffith)

Give in (Jack/Alison)

In love with my best friend (Brittany/Santana)

Picture Prompt 1 (Rachel/Quinn)

Picture Prompt 2 (Brittany/Santana)

Picture Prompt 3 (Rachel/Quinn)

Special (Quinn & Rachel)

who she is (Quinn)

Gossip girl
Eyes that burn like cigarettes Dan/Blair)

Grey's Anatomy
Kiss your mouth and make you stop (George/Izzie)

How I Met Your Mother
One Kiss and You're back (Robin/Barney)

Life Unexpected
goodbye (Cate and Lux)

Picture prompt 1 (Cate & Baze)

A silhouette of lonliness (Sawyer/Juliet) 

Falling down the rabbit hole (Charlie Hume, Drugs)

Giving her away (Boone, someone elses wedding)

Hold you in my arms (Juliet/Sawyer, I'll be with you in your weakest moments)

I dreamed a lifetime of this place (Shannon)

I want to go home (Clementine/Julian, missing)

I'm trying not to wonder where you are (Jack & David

In the town that we could call our own (Boone/Shannon)

keep watching the sky 'cause you might get lucky again (Eloise/Charles)

Leaving (Clementine, On the run)

Picture (Ethan and Juliet, Ethan recognizes her from the pictures)

Picture Prompt 1 (Daniel)

This is not my life (Juliet)

Untitled spy fic (Juliet)

Lost/The Prisoner
Remember the words (Juliet/Six, song)

Mad Men
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth (Joan/Roger)


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