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+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

My 5 Acts are:
1. Scars
2. Dressing up
3. First time (Not loosing one's virginity necessarily, but more like first time in a certain place, first time trying something sexually)  
4. Alternate Universes
5. Taste


-Doctor Who (River/Doctor, Captain Jack/Anyone, Amy/Rory, Rose/Ten)
-Lost (Jack/Juliet, Juliet/Sawyer, Desmond/Penny, Juliet/Penny, Juliet/Daniel, Charles/Eloise)
-Community (Britta/Jeff/Annie/Troy or any version thereof)
-Gossip Girl (Blair/Dan, Blair/Serena, Serena/Georgina)
-Parks & Recreation (Tom/Ann, Leslie/Ben)
-The Hour (Lix/Freddie, Bell/Freddie)
-Glee (Puck/Quinn/Rachel or any version thereof, Brittany/Santana)
-Warehouse 13 (H.G./Myka, Pete/Claudia)
-Battlestar Galactica (Kara/Lee, Helo/Kara, Baltar/any six, Roslin/Adama)
-Mad Men (Joan/Roger, Joan/Don, Pete/Peggy, Pete/Trudy)
-Veronica Mars (Lilly/Logan/Veronica or any version thereof)
-Middleman (Lacey/Middleman)
-All My Children (Leo/Greenlee, Bianca/Maggie, Kendall/Greenlee)
-Arrested Development (Maeby/George Michael, Lindsay/Michael)
-Big Love (Sarah/Heather)
-Studio 60 (Harriet/Jordan/Matt/Danny or any version thereof, Jordan/Jack)
-The West Wing (Donna/Josh/Sam or any version thereof)
-The OC (Seth/Summer/Ryan/Taylor/Marissa/Kaitlyn or any version thereof, except for Marissa/Kaitlyn)
-Leverage (Sophie/Nate/Tara or any version thereof, Parker/Hardison, Sophie/Parker, Nate/Maggie/Sophie or any version thereof)

Crossovers are always welcome as well. 

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Really, with James and Juliet my top two are Scars and First time. AU, probably too. I must revisit this for others.

I was totally thinking about James & Juliet when I put that down. There can never be enough fics about the missing years.

That, and so many things during those missing years that just need to be filled in. It sometimes enrages me to think about all the stuff we don't know about.

Amy/Rory - Halloween (1/2)

*I know Rory and Amy’s history was clarified in “Let’s Kill Hitler,” but bear with me. Some details have changed, especially when exactly Mel told Amy that Rory’s her perfect guy. And I couldn’t remember if Rory and Amy went to the same university, but in this drabble, Rory’s gone off while Amy’s stayed in Leadsworth.

It had never particularly bothered Rory that he and Amy used to play dress up when they were younger. He played the Raggedy Doctor, and Amy used to fry him up all different kinds of foods and he had to pretend that he didn’t like any of them and then he had to throw his plate out the window and when he didn’t do it correctly, the two of them started a plate throwing contest that ended up with food all over Rory’s carefully shredded shirt.

Even at the age of 12, he knew that he was in love with Amy Pond, and that he would do anything for her, anything that would just keep him by her side.

As Amy got older, her insistence that the Doctor really, truly, did exist got less persistent and less vocal. But Rory knew that he was always in the back of her mind. He could tell when she got that far-off look on her face, when she and Mels used to giggle and talk in hushed voices as they walked home from school, when Rory found the little paper mache blue box in Amy’s closet while he hid there, waiting for her to yell “ready or not, here I come!”

So on Halloween, their first Halloween as proper university students, Rory found himself slipping on a blue oxford, carefully singed and frayed, rolled up to his elbows, baggy slacks, and an awkwardly knotted tie. He’d been home for two days, and he’d only seen Amy once since he’d been back from school, her running past, yelling out “sorry, Rory, I’m late!” on her way to the shop. Mels had let him know that she was throwing this huge Halloween party, and if he didn’t show, after months of being away, she would personally rearrange his face. Since he’d seen her taunt the town’s bully to near tears, he didn’t doubt her promise. So he’d stammered his assent, vaguely coherently asked if Amy would be there, and said of course he would come in costume.

He’d been cracking open his first beer when Amy walked into the party, from upstairs, Mels’ bathroom, where she’d been for the past two hours, getting ready. He turned around when he heard her start laughing, and his jaw had nearly hit the floor. She was dressed as a ballerina, in a tight leotard with a short, short skirt, her long, long legs swathed in pink tights, and her gorgeous red hair pulled tight into a bun. He almost choked on his drink when Amy lunged forward and gathered him into a hug.

“Mr. Raggedy Doctor,” she smiled.

“Hi, Amy,” he breathed. Then he cleared his throat, trying to assume some semblance of cool. “It’s been ages.”

“You look good!” she said, delighted. “Your hair’s shorter than the last time I saw you. Dance?” Rory blinked. And then blinked again.


“Do you want to dance?” Amy asked, running her hand down his arm and then covering his hand with her own. “I like this song. Come on.” She pulled him a few feet forward, draped her arms over his shoulders, and started…shimmying.

Rory was sure he looked like an idiot, eyes wide and mouth open. Possibly drooling.

“I’ve been playing guitar,” he said suddenly. And then wished he hadn’t opened his mouth, because that was a blatant lie. He barely even knew how to drum his utensils on the table, let alone how to strum the strings on a guitar. But then Amy’s eyes lit up and he forgot why exactly it was stupid to lie.

“Really? Could you show me some time?” she asked. He nodded slowly, frantically trying to figure out how he could possibly learn how to play guitar within the next few days.

Amy/Rory - Halloween (2/2)

“I’ve missed you, Rory. Leadsworth just isn’t the same without you in it. I haven’t had a decent cup of hot chocolate for months,” she said cheerfully. Rory snorted.

“Yeah, I remember the last time you tried to make hot chocolate from scratch. Were you ever able to salvage that pot?”

“Um, let’s just say that pot no longer has a place in my house,” Amy laughed.

“Good to know.” By now, instead of bopping along to the music, which was beating loud enough to reverberate inside of Rory’s chest, they were swaying now, Amy’s arms still clasped loosely around Rory’s shoulders, and his hands resting lightly on her hips. A few beats later, she dragged one hand from his shoulder down to his chest, palm hot against his heart. She played with the buttons on the shirt, fidgeting with a frayed circle right above the right pocket.

“You know – I’m not expecting you to always dress up as my Doctor,” she said haltingly. He’d been staring, transfixed, at her hand, but he looked up, brow furrowed, when she paused. “You’re Rory. My Rory, who wants to be a nurse. You don’t have to be anyone else.”

“All right,” he nodded, and tugged Amy a little closer to him, and she smiled.

“But you do look good in blue,” she said while stepping in even closer, and tilted her chin up a little bit, winking at him right before she leaned forward and kissed him. He hummed into her mouth and slid his hands around her waist.

Well, Rory guessed, there were advantages to dressing up as your crush’s hero. One of which, apparently, was the confirmation that Rory was who Amy wanted, not the Doctor, a confirmation which manifested itself, deliciously, into a never ending kiss.

Re: Amy/Rory - Halloween (2/2)


Re: Amy/Rory - Halloween (2/2)

Yayyy!!! I'm so glad you like it!

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