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Femslash Happy Ending Ficathon


Lets face it, it's never been easy to be a femslash fan. But lately it's been really difficult, especially after the events on the latest episode of The 100. So I'm doing what I know best and I'm propose a free-for-all comment ficathon. It can be anything - Any Fandom, Any Ship, Any Rating, ANYTHING as long as F/F (originally F/F no rule 63 characters) and it's happy.

1. How do I prompt?
It's simple! Leave a comment on this post with a PROMPT (every prompt must be a NEW comment) that looks like this:
Fandom, Ship (if you're not picky it could say any) - Prompt (a song lyric, a line of poetry, a word, quotation, something specific, an AU scenario that you're into e.g 'coffee shop' 'spies' 'Greek mythology', 'soulmates', whatever floats your boat basically)
Lexa/Clarke - Wedding Day

*You can also do crossovers
Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica, Clara/Caprica Six - I rolled the name around on my tongue and something about it tastes familiar.

2. How do I fill a prompt?
Reply to the prompt of your choice and your reply to the prompt should follow this format:
Title - Fandom - Ship - Rating and any warnings (in title section of comment)
Write your fic in the body of the comment or share the link to wherever you prefer to publish your story.
*Remember to reply to the actual prompt comment.
*If someone already has filled a prompt that calls to you, feel free to write another fic for it! This is about spreading happiness!

If you prefer to post your fiction on AO3 or elsewhere, please reply to the prompt with a link and all the relevant information so we can all enjoy it!

Other ways to participate?
If you're not in a writing mood, you can also share art or fanmixes or anything else that strikes your fancy!

3. Should I worry about anything (length, tense, format etc.)?

Nope, not a bit.Write as much or as little as you'd like.  All tenses, styles and genre's allowed! Just be creative and have fun!

If you're not a LJ user, you can still comment!

These are supposed to be happy but if your prompt/art contains something that may have serious triggers - please place a clear warning in the heading of your comment. Thanks!

Feedback is awesome. And please PROMOTE this far and wide. Lets all have fun!

Anymore questions? Reply below.

(Also if anyone wants to make a header for this please feel free! I'm am not the greatest artist)

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Reply here!

The 100, Lexa/Clarke - Wedding Day

My Future in Your Hands - The 100 - Lexa/Clarke - PG (No warnings)

It's as easy as that!

Girl Meets World, Riley/Maya - ❝Always and forever.❞

Edited at 2016-03-06 02:49 am (UTC)

Orphan Black, Cosima/Delphine, in every universe, I'd choose you (AU of your choice)

Hannibal, Alana/Margot, when Hannibal dies

Call the Midwife, Delia/Patsy - Like so many other things, it all began with a dance.

The 100, Clarke/Lexa - "Journey's End in Lovers Meeting" (William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night)

General Hospital, Kristina/anyone, "I'm a long shot at the best of times/But then you never know, stay and see/How you might be waiting for me"

Once Upon a Time, Emma/Regina, "But I'm gonna love you like I've never been hurt before / I'm gonna love you like I'm indestructible"

Castle, Alexis/Hayley, "I've been waiting a thousand days/to show you how I feel in a thousand ways"

Supergirl, Kara/Lucy, secrets

Supergirl, Kara/Alex, comfort

Wynonna Earp, Waverly/Nicole, drinks

Wynonna Earp, Waverly/Wynonna, "She tells me 'worship in the bedroom'/The only heaven I'll be sent to/Is when I'm alone with you/I was born sick, but I love it"

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