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I can already tell that today is not going to be a good day. I missed the bus and it's an hour til the next one so I headed down to the library to use their internet only to find that they have tumblr blocked. *Headdesk*

So anyone want to give me some prompts to keep me occupied? (Fandom's I'll write for include: Community, Battlestar Galactica, Community, Dr. Who (nothing before the 10th Doctor), Glee, Leverage, Lost, The OC, Studio 60, The Pretender,  & The West Wing. If there's a show not on the list but you know I watch/ am interested in it prompt it anyway and I'll let you know if I can do it or not.)

eta: I forgot to mention that I heard from my aunt that Ben is recoving from his surgery, so the prayers/good thoughts are helping. Keep them coming!

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I just got news that my cousin Ben, who is in Afganistan, had to have his apendix burst last night & he is now being taken to Germany to recover. If everyone could keep him in your thoughts & prayers that would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment Porn/Fic Post!

(Taken from toestastegood )

1. Give me a pairing (or character, or the name of a show) and a prompt (a word, a phrase, a situation, an emotion, a few lines from a song or, hell, even an entire song) and I will do my best to write you a snippet based on your request.

2. Post to your own little corner of LJ offering to write snippets for people, thus spreading the joys of comment porn.

3. Sit back, relax and enjoy the porny goodness. \o/

* You don’t have to offer to write snippets for other people if you leave a request, but it would be fun if you do.

** Snippets don’t necessarily have to be porny, comment fic is just as much fun. As is a rambling stream of consciousness type thing about how character x and character y meet and why they would get on like a house on fire – whatever comes bouncing into your brain is a-okay. Also if you care if you getPorny or not Porny snippets please specify.

*** If you’re one of those people who have a big old ‘friend of’ list then you might want to put a limit on the number of requests you’re willing to write.

Fandoms I'll write for: Community, Battlestar Galactica, Community, Dr. Who (nothing before the 10th Doctor), Dollhouse, Glee, Leverage, Lost, Mad Men, The OC, Studio 60, The Pretender, The West Wing

An About me post
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title: eyes that burn like cigarettes 
author: krilymcc
fandom: gossip girl
pairing: Dan/Blair
authors note: written for the porn battle. prompts: tell no one, unexpected

"Will you just stop for a second?" Dan took ahold of her wrist and pulled her close.

"Dan let me go." Blair hissed.

"Just stop."

They both stood face to face staring at each other.

"What?" Blair finally asked. "What do you want?"

Dan stood there unsure what to say or what to do, and finally he let her go.

"That's what I thought." Blair shook her head, "You know Humphrey sometimes---"

But before she could finish her thought Dan pulled her back towards him and without giving himself any time to think about it he was kissing her, and much to his surprise Blair was kissing him back.

"Now, what were you saying?" Dan asked after he pulled away.

But instead of opening her mouth Blair let her hand speak for her and she slapped Dan across the face before pulling him back into a kiss.

Finally when Blair pulled away all she had to say to him was, "Tell no one." before she reached down and unzipped her skirt.

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title: give in
author: krilymcc
fandom: Eureka
pairing: Jack Carter/Allison Blake
Authors note: written for the porn battle, prompt: public. Set during season 1.

"So, you're telling me that a vial of..." Jack paused and turned to Jo, "What was it that you called it? Sexual pollen?"

"That's not what I said but yeah, lets call it that." Jo sighed as she shut the jail cell door.

"A vial of sexual pollen broke over at Global Dynamics and now everyone in town is at risk of becoming sex crazed animals?"

"Pretty much."

"Okay. But that doesn't explain why you in there instead of out here trying to help me stop this."

Jo slapped a handcuff around her wrist, "So nothing can go wrong. Last time this happened I ended up sleeping with the wrong people and that is not happening again."

"Wait this happened before? So we've got a cure. Perfect."

"No cure." Jo slapped the other end of the cuffs around the leg of the cot. "After 24 hours the sex pollen evaporated and everyone went back to normal. More or less."

"Twenty four hours. Perfect. Great. Perfect."

"Trust me, just go home and wait this thing out."

"Right. Right." Jack shook his head and headed for the door, "I am so glad Zoey is on a field trip."


Jack was on his way home when he spotted Allison leaving Cafe Diem.

"Allison!" Jack called out as he pulled the car over. "You shouldn't be out here. Didn't you hear about the sex pollen?"

"Sex pollen?" she laughed, leaning up against the car.

"Whatever." Jack rolled his eyes, "You should watch yourself. Right now everyone in town is a possible sexual deviant."

"Everyone in town? Does that include you?"

"Oh not me. I'm special."

"Right." Allison smile at him and then held up a can of mace, "But I can take care of myself."

"You certainly can."

"I'll see you tomorrow Jack."

"I'll see you Allison."

Alison turned to leave but then turned back, "You know maybe you're right. Do you think you can give me a ride?"

"Sure hop in."

"What a gentleman."


"We really shouldn't do this." Jack panted as Allison pinned him against the car door.

"Oh come on Jack. Live a little."

"This isn't you. It's not us. It's the sex pollen."

"Will you stop calling it sex pollen? And will you stop for just a second and consider that maybe I really do want this? I know you do."

"I do, God I do. But---"

Allison silenced him with a kiss, while her hand slid down to his belt.

"Shut up Carter."


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1. Make list of your five favorite themes/kinks etc. that you love to write/read - (this list can help), and a list of your fandoms and pairings.
2. Post the list in your journal.
3. Hop over here to share your list with the world.
4. Comments would be great; comment fic based on the kinks would be even greater! The fun is in sharing with your community, so let's have lots of fun! :)
5. Comment on other people's lists, too; it's only polite. And fun, of course! The list is here.

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Lost (Sawyer/Juliet, Jack/Juliet, Miles/Juliet, (Pretty much Juliet/anyone), Desmond/Penny, Adult!Clementine/Adult!Julian, Adult!Clementine/Adult!Aaron)
Community (Troy/Annie, Jeff/Annie, Caroline Decker!Annie/waitress, Britta/Jeff)
Battlestar Galactica, (Baltar/Any Six, Natalie/Anders, Kara/Lee, Kara/Sam, Tigh/Caprica)
Arrested Development (Maeby/George Michael)
Dead Like Me (George/Mason, Betty/George)
Doctor Who (Ten/Rose,Ten/River, Eleven/River, Rory/Amy)
Dollhouse (Victor/Sierra, Adelle/Dominic) 
Glee (Puck/Rachel, Quinn/Puck, Brittany/Santana, Rachel/Quinn)
Gossip Girl (Blair/Chuck, Blair/Serena, Serena/Georgina)
Mad Men (Don/Joan, Joan/Roger)
Studio 60 (Danny/Jordan/Matt/Harriet, Jordan/Jack, Matt/Suzanne, Tom/Suzanne)
V (Dale/Erica, Erica/Father Jack, Erica/Hobbes)
The Pretender (Miss Parker/Tommy, Miss Parker/Jarod)
The West Wing (Josh/Donna, CJ/Danny, Sam/Josh, Sam/Laurie, Sam/Donna, CJ/Josh)
The X-Files (Mulder/Scully, Mulder/Scully/Skinner)
Leverage (Sophie/Nate, Sophie/Elliot, Parker/Hardison, Parker/Special Agent McSweeten)

Crossovers are also very welcome.

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Since Tumblr is down I'm going to be taking prompts for fics.  I've done this before so most of you should know the drill. If you don't here's the cliffs notes version: Pic a pairing or a character from one of my fandoms and then leave me a prompt word, song lyric, quote, picture etc. Understand? Okay. Then lets get prompting!

I posted this on Tumblr but I thought I should post it here too

In defense of.....Rachel ANYONE.

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…And some people wonder why I’m over this show.

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Story Title: we keep this secret in our blood
Character/Relationships: Lyle, Miss Parker
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A

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Originally posted 10.20.2010


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